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For use in MFC4350/4550/4600/4650/6550/7550/7650C/Intellifax 2600/2750/3550

Brother TN5000 $39.00 Original C-TN200 $29.00 Compatible

For use in MFC 6800/Intellifax2800/4800

Brother TN250 $ 39.00 Original C-TN250 $29.00 Compatible

BROTHER INTELLIFAX 1170/1270/MFC1770/1780/1970MC

Brother PC201 $42.00 Original C-PC201 29.00 Compatible Brother PC202RF $68.00 Original C-PC202RF $44.95 Compatible

BROTHER INTELLIFAX 750/770/775/870/970

Brother PC301 $27.00 Original C-PC301 $19.00 Compatible Brother PC302RF $49.00 Original C-PC302 RF $39.00 Compatible

BROTHER MFC 8300/8500/8600/9600/9700/9800/iNTELLIFAX4750

Brother TN430 $79.00 Original Standard Yield Brother TN460 $106.00 Original High Yield BRT C-TN460 $59.00 Compatible High capacity

CANON Copy Machines

Hewlett Packard 1000/1200/3300series

Hewlett Packard 4000/4050 Series

Hewlett Packard HEW1823D(#23)

Hewlett Packard HP51626A

Hewlett Packard HP6614D(#20)

Hewlett Packard HPC51629AC(#29)

Hewlett Packard Ink cartridges

Lexmark #82


Hewlett Packard 2100/2200 series

Hewlett Packard Colour Laser jet

Hewlett Packard HEW51649AC(#49)

Hewlett Packard HP6578AB(#78A)

Hewlett Packard HP6678D(#78D)

Hewlett Packard HPC6625(#17)

Hewlett Packard Laser jet 1160/1320

Lexmark #83